Pi Day

On Monday, March 14th the 7th-grade math students celebrated Pi day with Mrs. Bordner in multiple ways.  In class they completed the following activities:

~ turned in pi facts that students researched prior to class.  
~ found the circumference and diameter of a circular container and found how many diameters they could make with each circumference
~ calculated their age in "pi" years.  
~ calculated circumference divided by diameters of four different circles to realize that every time the result is 3.14 (pi)!  
~ completed a "pi" digit competition with judges:  Dr. Kagy, Mr. Vogt, Mrs. Ferres, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Rathburn, and HS helper Allie King (students went to the judge and repeated as many digits as they could of Pi.  The students were to memorize as many digits as they could throughout the last 3 weeks just for some fun competition.)  
They ended the period by enjoying some pudding "pi" while going through Pi facts and listening to the Pi day song!  
Below are pictures of the 7th grade Pi day celebrations!