7th grade students in Mrs. Bordner's class did a virtual reality lesson on fractals in math.  They  started the lesson with a video on fractals to learn about what they are (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFtTdf3I6Ug).  Then they explored the items loaded in the goggle sets (Koch’s Snowflake, a fall scene-setting, and a flower setting), and looked at 4 different books to find more fractals. The goggles showed different types of fractals and how they were created.  They were able to “move around” in the goggle settings to look closely at a snowflake that showed how the Koch's snowflake is made and what it looks like.  It also gave them the opportunity to see many other fractals up close (broccoli, leaves, bricks, icicles, etc…) and zoom in on them to find the repeating pattern.

Below are a few pictures of students during the lesson.