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Seneca East USDA Grant

I’m proud to report that Seneca East Local School District is the recipient of a $723,000 USDA grant that will help us enhance the delivery of distance learning during the pandemic. 

The funding will allow us to equip 57 classrooms with distance education enabled hardware and software, upgrade networking and supply technological equipment to advance student telecommunications opportunities. We’re placing additional emphasis on improving Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related learning. 

It’s no secret that COVID-19 hit schools across the country hard. We were one of many districts that were left scrambling to continue providing a well-rounded education without the necessary infrastructure. This grant will help our staff and students be successful now and in the future.  

The funds can be used for acquisition of broadband facilities, audio, video and interactive video equipment, computer hardware and software, instructional programming and technical support for the use of the equipment. Staff are especially excited about the 75” interactive ViewBoards that will replace current technology. Additionally, we will provide professional training to all staff on the new technology and programming. 

The grant will also allow Seneca East to expand key partnerships within the community, including those with educational service centers and local universities so that students have access to a variety of postsecondary education options. We also plan to further collaborate with healthcare organizations like Mercy Health  and the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board to help address the social and emotional impact the pandemic has had on our students. 

I’m thankful for the staff and community partners who support the grant to secure these federal dollars for the district, and am excited to see where the funding takes us. I’m also thankful for the community’s continued support over the last year. You’ve adapted to every change we’ve thrown at you. Despite the challenges of the last year, wins such as this grant only serve to make us stronger.