SE Families and Community, 

As you know the COVID-19 cases in our area continue to increase.  So far we have had 2 positive cases in our student body.  If you have questions about COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19 please contact Amy Ferres, school nurse, at    We will continue to be in school 5 days a week for all students for the remainder of this week, from today until Friday, November 20, 2020.

Next week school is closed for Thanksgiving Break.  We changed this to a full week off prior to the start of the school year to allow for additional teacher training this summer. 

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 cases in our area continue to trend upward and the Seneca County Health Department has advised schools in the area to consider making changes after the Thanksgiving break to assist in reducing the spread of COVID-19 in our community.  Here is the plan for Seneca East when we return from Thanksgiving Break. 

Monday, November 30th is also a day off for all students.  This is a scheduled training day for teachers.  
Starting on Tuesday, December 1, 2020, we will return to school under a Hybrid Plan. The  Hybrid Cohort student list is available here or on the district website for your review under Menu/Reopening.  Families were placed in the same cohort.  We also placed students to accommodate the Sentinel schedule and special services such as physical therapy sessions. Our Hybrid Cohorts identify which students will come to school in the Monday/Tuesday group or the Thursday/Friday group for students in grades 3-12.  Students in grades K-2 come to school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

Because Monday, November 30th is not a school day for students we are modifying the cohorts for the week after Thanksgiving as follows: 
Students in grades K-2 will come to school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; December 1-4.  
Students who are listed in the Monday/Tuesday cohort will come to school on Tuesday and Wednesday; December 1-2.
Students who are listed in the Thursday/Friday cohort will come to school on Thursday and Friday; December 3-4. 

My hope is to return to school in-person five days a week the week of December 7, 2020; however, this will be determined by what is happening with COVID-19 in our area.  You can help us return to five days a week by doing your part to stop the spread.  Please!!! Help us stay in school by following the state's safety guidelines.  We will reevaluate what is happening with COVID-19 once we return to school and make decisions about what the rest of December will look like at that time.  

Decisions about winter sports seasons have not been finalized.  We anticipate information from the Ohio High School Athletic Association later this week. 

We know that some families struggled with internet connectivity issues last spring when school was shut down, and we want to help families who need assistance again this year.  You will be getting information from the building principals about an internet survey.  We will work to help families who need assistance, but we will need everyone to complete and returned the requested survey.  Please keep an eye out for information from Mr. Powers and Mr. Vogt.

While Seneca East is on a hybrid schedule, meals will be available to students that are learning from home.  Students will receive 2 days of free meals (2 breakfasts and 2 lunches) from December 1-December 4, 2020.  (While students are at school, free meals will be provided like normal.)

Students home on Tuesday and Wednesday - May participate in the Meal Pick-up Program as follows:  Meal pick-up will be on Tuesday at 1:30pm.  Please pull-up to the doors by the office.  A staff member will deliver the meals to your car after student information is given.

Students home on Thursday and Friday - May participate in the Meal Pick-up Program as follows:  Meals will be given to students at the end of the day on Wednesday.  Students must be picked up by a parent/guardian that day.  They are not able to take the food home on the bus.

If you would like to order meals for your student and are able to pick them up, please fill out this meal request form here or on the district website by Friday, November 20 at 9am. 
For any questions or concerns regarding food service, please email Brenda Ruffing, Food Service Supervisor, at

I know this is challenging for families. Please contact me with questions at
Thank you for your continued support as we make the best of this difficult time.

Laura Kagy