SE Families,

First I want to thank you for your continued support in the reopening of school this fall.  The first 10 weeks have gone extremely well.  The students have done an incredible job of following all of the new COVID-19 rules and procedures.  

As you are probably aware the number of COVID-19 positive cases continues to rise in Seneca County and the Seneca East community.  We hope to be able to stay in school for face-to-face learning, but we realize that these are uncertain times and situations change quickly.  Our original reopening plan stated that Seneca East would transition to a hybrid model if the county went to RED on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System and stayed RED for a second consecutive week.  This could still be the case; however, there could be a scenario where the county goes to RED and Seneca East students are still able to attend school.  For example, the increase in cases and hospitalization could be in the Fostoria area and not directly affect the Seneca East community.  In this case, we may be able to stay in session.  Decisions about the need to transition to hybrid or fully remote learning will be made in collaboration with the Seneca County Health Department and look at localized as well as countywide data.  We could also have a situation where Seneca County is ORANGE but Seneca East could need to go hybrid or remote based upon COVID-19 cases in our community.  In recent weeks, schools in our area have had to switch from in-person to remote learning due to positive cases and quarantining of students and staff.   The same could happen here.  

Now is a good time to review how quarantining works in regards to the school.  If each letter represents a student in a classroom setting and student H tests positive for COVID-19 then who would be required to quarantine?   Any student who is within 6 feet of student H for more than 15 minutes.  Students B, C, D, G, I, L, M, and N in most classrooms would need to quarantine because desks cannot be 6 feet apart.  The quarantine countdown clock generally goes back to anyone who was within 6 feet of distance for more than 15 minutes beginning 2 days prior to when symptoms started or two days before when a positive test was administered if the person was asymptomatic.  Siblings of student H would also be required to quarantine if they live in the same household. 

A     B     C     D      E

F     G     H       I       J

K     L     M      N     O

Siblings of students B, C, D, G, I, L, M, and N would NOT need to quarantine because they were not within 6 feet of a positive person.  The contact of a contact does NOT have to quarantine.  

This same procedure for contact tracing would need to happen in every classroom, lunch table, school bus, sports teams, clubs, etc. The numbers add up quickly. This is the reality under the current quarantine rules.  Parents need to be prepared for child care arrangements in the event your child is required to quarantine.

Earlier this year I posted the COHORT lists on the district website in the event that we would have to transition to a hybrid model. In a hybrid situation K-2 students would come to school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and students in grades 3-12 are split into 2 cohorts a Monday/Tuesday group and a Thursday/Friday group. The cohort list is still posted on the district website under MENU/ REOPENING/ SENECA EAST HYBRID COHORT. The website also has the COVID Dashboard which lists data about positive cases and quarantine counts. Just a reminder that you will be contacted via email and our alert system when positive cases occur at school. Please make sure your contact information in Final Forms is accurate.

On a positive note, the free breakfast and free lunch program originally scheduled to end in December as been extended until the end of the school year in May.

Proud to be an SE Tiger!

Laura Kagy